In August 1989 the concept of sealing off luggage at airports did not exist. This was our challenge! Turn an idea into a business and, more than that, a service that would benefit travelers users of airports, which has long suffered from problems in their luggage.

We seek the commercial and operational management of Infraero Guarulhos Airport with a prototype made by hand in our office and to our happiness, we receive all the support and encouragement of the managers of those areas, who believed in the business and opened the door to the beginning of our activities.

We started timidly, adjusting ourselves to the operation of the system and the need of using marketing tools that could leverage the product, absolutely unknown to users of airports.

That same month, we got a report in Your Business column, the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, which opened us the opportunity to expand our business through franchising. We were one of the first Brazilian companies to promote business as Master Franchiser.

Today, we are proud to have created a service and a brand recognized throughout the national territory.

In 2016 we are completing 27 years of activities, installed in major airports and our idea transcending the other sealing off baggage services at airports scattered around the world.

We continue working to offer the best to our customers, we added the service a unique and secure partnerships with large companies, benefits that only Protec Bag has.

PROTEC BAG® become synonymous with security in luggage.

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