Travel AceWe started a partnership with Protec Bag® , which gives up to 50% discount in protective packaging luggage.
For Customers TAM Fidelidade Black and Red Plus, LANPASS Comodoro category Black and Comodoro, and customers flying Premium Business cabin discount reaches 50%.

For other passengers, the discount is 25%. In addition to the discount, the Protec Bag offers a free permanent loss insurance luggage up to U $ 500.00 (five hundred US dollars) and other types of coverage specified below.

To access the benefit, simply submit your reservation or boarding card and loyalty card where applicable in Protec Bag® kiosks available in more than 20 airports in Brazil.


Noting violation in sealing your luggage, just remove the volume of the mat in the presence of the head of Cia. Air and finds with him irregularity.

The PROTEC BAG® no responsibility may occur with the sealed objects.

Though stay tuned! Every passenger LAN and TAM (passing or loyalty card) with the protection service PROTEC Bag® entitled to Travel Insurance that offers STARR COMPANIES. This means, in simplified form, the insured / passenger will be entitled to compensation / refund in case of expenses Medical and Hospital, Body Transfer, Medical and Back Health Transfer - for these coverages compensation \ limited reimbursement to the equivalent in reais to USD 5,000 (five thousand dollars).
Also in case of permanent * Baggage Loss compensation / refund will be identical to the amount paid in cash by the Company. Air, limited to the equivalent in reais to US $ 500 (five hundred US dollars).

Travel AceIn partnership with Rent a Bag – Rent Suitcases all customers Protec Bag in hiring bags rental, through a promotional code will have special 10%, discount for customers of São Paulo-Capital and the metropolitan region.

Is a rental company of high quality trip, lead and seek the suitcase on the client's home, see your region.

Melhor Cambio Protec Bag has partnered with @Melhor Câmbio ,the largest tourism exchange comparator in Latin America.
In the @Melhor Câmbio you save up to 15% on the exchange for your trip and also guarantees an exclusive discount for the protection of your luggage with the Protecbag.

Do not waste time go to now and make your offer. That way you guarantee these benefits and stay calm to enjoy your trip to the fullest!


Travel Ace The insurance policy: 4928.2015.01.0969.00018 is guaranteed by STARR International Insurance Company SA CNPJ: 17341270 / 0001-69, SUSEP Registration 04928, Process SUSEP: 15414.900570 / 2014-11, stipulated by PROSCAN Comércio e Serviços Ltda. CNPJ: 02371856 / 0001-07 and administered by BEK-UP Corretora de Seguros Ltda. CNPJ: 02920571 / 0001-70, SUSEP Registration: 10.2015997.8.

The filing of this plan with SUSEP does not imply by the Municipality incentive or recommendation of its commercialization. The contractual terms of this product protocolizadas by the INSURER by the Susep can be found on the website , according to the case number SUSEP. The insured may also contact SUSEP in time from 9: 30h to 17: 00hs on 0800 021 8484. The insured may consult the registry status of the insurance broker at site through its registration with the SUSEP, full name, CNPJ or CPF. The part of the General Conditions of Insurance is available to customers / policyholders.

CALL IN CASE OF DISASTER **: 0800 605 4362 (9:30hs as 17:00hs)

* Request for compensation / reimbursement due to a covered event upon presentation of the documentation prepared in terms of insurance, there will be no advance payments in the event of luggage delay.
! See Insurance Conditions at site:

Reimbursement limited to one voucher per event and performed shipment to:

SAC: 0800 605 4362 (9:30hs as 17:00hs)
Ombudsman: 0800 605 4363 (9:30hs as 17:00hs)

Responsibility PROTEC Bag®
a) Submission of periodic bases
b) Update reports, websites, promotions
c) Text update of insurance tickets and print
d) Distribution of tickets to franchisees
e) Ticket stock control

Responsibility STARRR
a) Process the base
b) invoice against each franchisee
c) Regular and Unsettled claims eligible for insurance

Responsibility of the Franchisee
a) Make the distribution / sale of tickets as education PROTEC Bag®
b) In the case of promotion LATAM confirm that the passage is of LAN or TAM
c) To control the stock of tickets
d) request and / or receive the tickets Protec bag®

IMPORTANT: failure to observe the correct distribution, which entails payment of compensation to the franchisee will generate the full cost of the damage. Which is between USD 500 (five hundred US dollars) to USD 5,000 (five thousand dollars) depending on the coverage claimed by the customer PROTEC Bag®.

PROTEC BAG® become synonymous with security in luggage.

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