MasterCard customers travel more peacefully knowing their luggage is protected at Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo airports.

MasterCard® Platinum and MasterCard Black customers protect their bags at Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo airports with a 20% discount on Protec Bag.

   The company uses the plasticisation system that involves any and all luggage (suitcases, bags, bags, packages, boxes, electronic equipment, styrofoam boxes, surfboards, bicycles, among others) with a film, protecting your luggage against thefts, humidity , Scratches, leaving your bag ever new.


Check below the addresses and operating hours of this service:

Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo/Guarulhos
Terminal 03 acesso ao Terminal 02
Pav. 01 Quiosque 1T3-052 - Edifício 03
Horário de funcionamento: Das 05:00 às 23:00 horas

Aeroporto Internacional de Viracopos/Campinas
Rodovia Santos Dumont, Km 66 - Campinas/SP
Horário de funcionamento: Das 06:00 às 23:00 horas

Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro/Galeão – Antônio Carlos Jobim
Av. 20 de Janeiro, s/nº - Sala 3131 – 3º andar – Terminal 1 – Setor C
Horário de funcionamento: 24 horas

Aeroporto do Rio de Janeiro – Santos Dumont
Praça Senador Salgado Filho, s/nº - Centro - Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Horário de funcionamento: Das 04:45 às 22:45 horas

Benefit valid for payment with MasterCard Platinum or MasterCard Black card issued by banks and companies issuing cards with the MasterCard.

MasterCard Black and MasterCard Platinum customer has a 20% discount packing their bags with Protec Bag.

Platinum cards should always be with the word Platinum written. Many cards can be silver and not platinum and be colored and platinum. The same is true for Black cards.
Check the operating hours of each unit.
Valid only in stores in Rio and São Paulo.

• Consumer registered in the Ipiranga loyalty program - Km de Vantagens accumulates KM (points) and exchange for benefits and discounts.

• Consumer enters the Km de Vantagens website Tip in the "Change your KM" option and choose the "Protec Bag".

• Consumer uses 200 KM that he has already accumulated and gains a 20% discount on "Protec Bag" services.

• The website will inform you of a unique numbered voucher that the consumer should print and take to any Protec Bag store.

Travel Ace In partnership with Rent a Bag , all Protec Bag customers, in the hiring of luggage, through a promotional code will have a special discount of 10%, for clients of São Paulo-Capital and Metropolitan region.

Rent a Bag is a high quality Travel Bag Rental company, take and pick up the suitcase at the customer's home, check your region.
Access the site, download the voucher with your discount here.

PROTEC BAG® become synonymous with security in luggage.

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