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The bag wrap system is a well-known process in a world wide scale. What many people don’t know is that this idea was conceived by Brazilians. In August 1989, the Brazilian lawyer Paulo Fabra was travelling to Spain. When he arrived at the hotel, he realized that many items have been stolen from his baggage.

When the Airlines didn’t take responsability for the stealing, Paulo came up with an idea that would guarantee the prevention of theft during the dispatching of the luggage: wrapping the bags in plastic. But would that idea be too much of a fantasy to become true?

For that matter, Paulo reached out Sérgio Cassetari, a childhood friend that had the right knowledge to enable that theory to become true.

After an presentation to INFRAERO (Brazilian company for airwave infrastructure) with a small prototype, the two friends received the approval of the managers, and in less than a year, the first unity of Protec Bag was inaugurated in Salgado Filho Airpoirt, in the city of Porto Alegre, in 1990.

With a little help from the marketing department, travellers from all over the country became acquaintanced with our services, and honored our concept since then.

Today, Protec Bag is well known as an essencial service to travellers worldwide.

In 2017, Protec Bag completed its 28th birthday, with stores functioning in the most important airports in Brazil, and has recently expanded its activities to Orlando (USA), and plans to expand to South and Central America, as well as to European countries.

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