We wrap suitcases, bags, valises, boxes or any type of luggage with a polyethylene plastic film, a recyclable product (CAT 1 - PET) especially protecting bags and other items dispatched at airports, inhibiting theft and insertion of illicit drugs, (as has been found in airports around the world), as well as INHIBITING objects against moisture, scratches, grease and other agents that damage the suitcase.

Our services can be found at the main airports in Brazil. We use the plastic application system on the objects with the aid of a machine with a rotating disk, wrapping the bags or other objects with several layers of plastic forming a super resistant blanket, making the bag and/or objects inviolable and protected.
In some of our service stations and stores, in addition to sealing, we sell bags and travel accessories such as cell phone chargers, headphones, padlocks, pillows, bags, etc.

Protect Bag ® cares about its customers' peace of mind. For this reason, it offers special conditions to its customers, through partner companies, so that you worry less about problems that may occur with your luggage and enjoy your trip more!

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